Launch Event for Ryukyu Awamori, Japan's oldest distilled liquor Monday, December 9th, at Sydney's famous restaurant, LuMi!


Launch Event for Ryukyu Awamori, Japan's oldest distilled liquor

Monday, December 9th, at Sydney's famous restaurant, LuMi!

Helios Distillery, which manufactures and sells Awamori, which is a distilled liquor of Okinawa in the southernmost of Japan, will hold a launch event for a new product "Ryukyu Bijin 40% 700ml” at the famous Italian restaurant “LuMi Bar & Dining” in Sydney on Monday, December 9th. (Awamori, which is like SAKE, is one of Japan's leading alcoholic beverages.) "Ryukyu Bijin 40% 700ml” is a quality Awamori liquor suitable as a cocktail base, which was developed by incorporating new production methods based on the traditional way. Sales are planned not only in Japan but also in seventeen countries and regions (Europe, the United States and other Asian countries) where Helios Brewery exports its products with the exception of Awamori.

"LuMi" is a Japanese fusion Italian restaurant with Japanese chefs and is led by Chef Federico, who has also been trained at Tokyo's super-famous Japanese restaurant. The restaurant was ranked 13 in the Australian Top 100 restaurant 2018 by The Australian Financial Review and awarded as best Italian restaurant in the world by Gambero Rosso International in 2019. Be sure not to miss this valuable opportunity to enjoy Awamori cocktails, together with specially prepared dishes, and an original special cocktail created just for this event.

【Event details】
Date and time: 6 pm – 9 pm, Monday,December 9, 2019
Venue: LuMi Bar & Dining https://www.lumidining.com/
Location: 56 Pirrama Road Pyrmont, 2009 NSW
Entrance fee: free
Time schedule:

【Part One】6:00 pm- Press conference for restaurant-related guests and media
Greetings from the representative of Helios Distillery
Pairing of Okinawa local cuisine and original cocktails, supervised by "LuMi" (cocktail recipe introduction)

【Part Two】7:00 pm - "Ryukyu Bijin” unveiling party (dress code: something Japanese)
Launch of "Ryukyu Bijin" countdown toast (light food and a wide variety of cocktails available)
Greetings from a representative from the Consulate General of Japan in Sydney
8:30 pm - Best dresser award announcement
8:45 pm - Closing

* Both Part One and Part Two are free participation, but Part One is primarily for restaurant-related guests and media. Those who participate in Part One may remain and participate in Part Two.

* For participating media and restaurant-related guests in the Part One, please present your business card at the reception desk.

*On the day, in the case of restricted access due to full occupancy, media that have reserved in this page will be allowed entrance. Please reserve, also, if you would like to request an individual interview.

* The dress code for the Part Two party is “something Japanese.” We would appreciate your cooperation for participating wearing attire in the image of the Japanese flag, for example, red or white, or red and white, Japanese outfits, kimono, anime costumes, and other styles that are as relevant to Japan, if possible. At the end of the event, the Best Dresser Award will be announced, and the winner will receive a wonderful gift.

Facebook Event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1035299750169773/

Related site: Helios Distillery (English): http://www.helios-syuzo.co.jp/en/



日本の最南端・沖縄の蒸留酒である泡盛などを製造・販売しているヘリオス酒造は、12月9日(月)シドニーの有名イタリアンレストラン「LuMi Bar & Dining」にて新商品「琉球美人40度700ml」のローンチイベントを開催します。(泡盛は日本酒のように、日本を代表するお酒の一つです。)「琉球美人 40度 700ml」は伝統的な製法を元に新たな製法を取り入れて開発した、カクテルベースにふさわしい酒質の泡盛です。日本国内はもとより、ヘリオス酒造が製品を輸出している海外17カ国・地域(欧州、米国、アジア各国など/泡盛以外の商品含む)でも販売を予定しております。


開催日: 2019年12月9日(月)18時〜21時
会場 : LuMi Bar & Dining  https://www.lumidining.com/
所在地:56 Pirrama Road Pyrmont, 2009 NSW

【1部】18時〜 飲食店関係者&メディア向け記者会見

【2部】19時〜「琉球美人」お披露目パーティ(ドレスコード:something Japanese)
在シドニー日本国総領事館 関係者のご挨拶
20時30分 ベストドレッサー賞の発表
20時45分 閉場




*2部のパーティのドレスコードはsomething Japanese。例えば、日本の国旗をイメージした洋服(赤い服、白い服、赤と白の服など)や和服、着物、アニメのコスチュームなど、できるだけ日本に関連したお好みのスタイルでのご参加ください。(普通の服装でもご入場はいただけます)イベント最後にベストドレッサー賞の発表も行ない、受賞者には素敵なギフトがプレゼントされます。

Facebook イベントページ:https://www.facebook.com/events/1035299750169773/

関連サイト ヘリオス酒造:http://www.helios-syuzo.co.jp/

Mon Dec 9, 2019
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM JST
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